Crochet rug

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The crochet rug is part of the furniture collection Quintessence - a project inspired from Romanian and Moldovian traditional craftsmanship. Together with the designer Mihai Stamati, we set out to research and revalue the old production techniques in order to create a unique collection of furniture responsive to contemporary requisites. This project involved the collaboration with craftsmen and encouraged us to research the local materials and the stories behind them.

Through crochet work this carpet combines the linen and the hemp thread. A thin yarn and a thick yarn. The linen thread, thinner and brighter, accentuates the rhythm and the ornament. The rough hemp yarn, which still holds small pieces of dried grass, carries us into the dry summer fields.

This project was exposed at 10th edition of Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienne, 2017. More about the entire story of the project on this blog!

  • MATERIALS:Hemp yarn, flax yarn
  • DIMENSIONS:120x80 cm
  • PHOTO CREDITS:Igor Rotari, Maria Bubuioc
  • Price:300€