Reed Bench

  • Furniture

The reed bench is part of the furniture collection Quintessence - a project inspired from Romanian and Moldovian traditional craftsmanship. Together with the designer Mihai Stamati, we set out to research and revalue the old production techniques in order to create a unique collection of furniture responsive to contemporary requisites. This project involved the collaboration with craftsmen and encouraged us to research the local materials and the stories behind them.

Collected in a bunch - the reeds is rustling, it is fluffy, like a mattress. We ‘dressed’ it in a hemp tissue, so it could breathe. The wooden frames give it the form, a shape that reminds us of a piece of furniture present in all peasant houses - laiţa.
The reeds for our bench were collected from the south of Moldova, Valea-Perjei village, the local people halped us to collect it. Because of the natural conditions, the reeds are growing there constantly in this natural area.

This project was exposed at 10th edition of Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienne, 2017. More about the entire story of the project on this blog!

  • MATERIALS:Reeds, hemp tissu, black locust wood
  • DIMENSIONS:150x55 cm, H60 cm
  • PHOTO CREDITS:Igor Rotari
  • Price:500€