Rocking chair

  • Furniture

This rocking chair is part of the furniture collection Quintessence - a project inspired from Romanian and Moldovian traditional craftsmanship. Together with the designer Mihai Stamati, we set out to research and revalue the old production techniques in order to create a unique collection of furniture responsive to contemporary requisites. This project involved the collaboration with craftsmen and encouraged us to research the local materials and the stories behind them.

For this rocking chair, we started from the idea of how to make a crocheted pattern more functional in the most direct sense. The wooden structure is conceived to be easily assembled and covered by the crocheted textile. As you slide into the rocking chair, you can feel the hardness and strength of the linen thread, transformed in into a flexible mesh. The chair makes you feel like in a hammock, because the crochet textile takes the form of your body - this was the most common feedback that we receive from the people who tried it.

This project was exposed at 10th edition of Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienne, 2017. More about the entire story of the project on this blog!

  • MATERIALS:Ash wood, flax yarn
  • DIMENSIONS:96x63 cm, H86 cm
  • PHOTO CREDITS:Igor Rotari, Mihai Stamati
  • Price:750€